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Mountain Laurel

This was my first ASA conference. I had heard that 700ish had preregistered but that not all were able to attend. What I enjoyed about this was that there was a good combination of academic areas and activists. I loved taking the one topic and going at it from the angle of disciplines that I'm not familiar with. It really expanded my understanding. Did I see you there? Or you me?


I was only there for Sat. and Sun. Laurel. I attended sessions 51, Plenary Session at 10am on Sat., 69, 83, 94 and 99.

I am tall, buzz-cut wearing a tweed sport coat.

I am so glad you had a chance to make it to the conference and tickled you got to see my hometown or at least the county seat of my home county. I am from the Duck Run area to the NW of Portsmouth.

MSC IT dissertation

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Just ran across your blog.

[quote]I fear that that this move by the Radford administration is due largely to ignorance and bigotry. The ignorance comes from the misguided notion that natives from Appalachian can choose not to be Appalachian.[/quote]*

You got it in one, unfortunately. I grew up in Radford, and it was not a good place to be Appalachian/Indian. If anything, things looked worse when I was back last year, and even more locals had moved out into the less hostile surrounding counties.

Frankly, I was surprised that RU managed to keep such a decent program going for as long as it did. Shame it's getting shut down.

*Sorry for the clunkiness, but formatting didn't show up on preview.


Just found your blog and enjoy it very much, so I hope you still update it!
-Fellow Appalachian, Mary


It's unfortunate that many in
the so-called elitist intellectual community consider anything "hillbilly" or even just American, backwards,ignorant and devoid of culture.
Whereas the same thing in another culture or land would be "rich
heritage" or "culturally rich", as they look on with pious expressions on their faces.
Those types feel so superior and claim to be so open-minded......BAH !

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