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Could it be that your recent Denver trip has sparked these musing on our most famous trait? I noticed this trait strongly in both my parents. The researchers say that we are issued 50% of our personality (attitude) at birth. Might explain some of it; circumstances added to it probably cements that attitude in permanently. And given the state of things all over the world today--well, that ain't helping, is it? But dang if we don't know how to party hardy in our region. Go figure. :)


I'm a native Nebraskan married to an East Tennessee man. I've been in the South since 1997 and have discovered for myself the idiosyncracies of the Appalachian mentality. As a historian and freelance writer specializing in local history, I have interviewed a number of these "fatalistic" mountain folk, but when you figure out from whence they come, you'll see that they're actually pretty good folk. Just don't ask 'em to commit to anything. :)



As one of those organizers, you're right - cheer won't help. It's good to be friendly. Best to stand and look up and down the street - be able to look at your shoes or the sky as a way to keep distance in conversations. Eventually you'll have a decent friendship.

But the crazy flip side is how hard we work in this region. People are fatalistic because they haven't been given much to work with and are valued very little. And yet we keep on plugging. Must be a human thing.

Glouster Eagles just put together a teen center. Kathy T. keeps the local BridgeBuilders going. The waters rise and we take a different way home or to work, but we keep going. Our fatalism is the magic ingredient America needs right now - a realism that tells people to quit whining and do what needs to be done. That we can survive hard times and that (I wish I had a line from some old time gospel on the tips of my fingers...) it's all in the hands of God in the end.


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