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this was such a wonderful post.. i loved every moment of it... and the ;ast paragraph is so true... what wonderfully insightful words those are... i wonder if you know how much weight theuy carried even as you wrote them...

merry christmas,, from my barn to yours.....

anne johnson

I've often wondered where exactly my great-grandfather was born, seeing as how his birth date and the Battle of Antietam are exactly the same, and his parents lived about 2 miles from the battlefield. I do know that his mother, my great-great grandma died in the barn because she hung herself from the rafters.

My beloved grandfather always gave us oranges at Christmas because when he was a kid that's all he and his siblings got was one orange apiece. When I was a kid, Granddad would stuff a big sack with oranges -- maybe a few dozen, seriously -- and insist we take them all. It's like proof of how much he loved us.

This was a beautiful post. Merry Christmas from the bored gods.

And your ancestress was right about the Christmas tree being pagan.

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