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I just found your blog from a linnk on The Gods Must Be Crazy's blogroll. Great blog! I can't wait to catch up on it.

anne johnson

I think she meant my blog. Anyway, do we have a name for this hero? I like the art.

Did you know there's a huge statue of an Appalachian man on the campus of ASU? It's a bronze sculpture that sort of seemed to me like a hillbilly superman.


I just ran across your blog. Good stuff! I'm gonna add you to my blogroll.

Love the super hero idea!

Abigail Cauthorn

Though I have never read a comic book, and I'm sure these ideas aren't original, I just saw the request for the superhero and feel I need to work on one who wears camo and delivers propane to snowbound residents of township roads in West Virginia and southern Ohio. I'll be thinking about it. He or she could also stop dam burst along Ohio River tributaries or at least pluck people from the path of swollen creeks.

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