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Mike Lawson

Thanks for the links to these great sites. I visits Savants fairly regularily and enjoy it a lot. With any luck at all, maybe our site will be notible in the next 50-100 years. lol We intend to keep writing if we only have one visitor. You know how stubborn hillbillies are. Until the next pass through corner of cyberspace, be well.


Sean Slone

I used to work for Mr. Comstock as editor of the News Leader during the early 90's. And to let you know the Hillbilly and the News Leader are both out of business.

Retro Jordans

thank you thank you thank you, that's all i can say :)
You make me happy :-)


good words.

nhl team jersey

Doesn't matter if their left, right or moderate; if their focused on partisan ranting they have negative value for our nation.On the other hand conservatives with a modicum gravitas don't merely loudly call reports lies.

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