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Thanks for a great story,hopefully someday I'll make the trip.Thanks for posting that.Loretta is a wonderful person as is the whole family.


Thanks....that was great reading, a trip that I must take real soon!!


Thanks for the great story! My family and I plan on taking a trip over to Butcher Hollow this coming August. I hope I'm as blessed to meet Herman and hear his stories, too!

Alene Southwood

i enjoyed every minute i was there it was like walking back in time to my grand parents house

joan skidmore

i visited butcher holler a couple years ago good visit with herman very down to earth feller, enjoyable journey

Tammie Hunter

Me and my husband are going to see this home as soon as we can. I was raised in a 3 room house in Tennessee.

kim cooley

Ive always wonted to see Lorettas home place after the reading& pictures Im going to go see.


Thanks for the great comments. I, too, plan to make this trip to Loretta's Homeplace. I will be visiting in October this '07. I can't wait for the trip time to arrive.


we love loretta and her singing it is beautful we have been to butcher holler and we have seen her bro. herman he is very nice i hope that we will get to see loretta in person some day we love her singing coal miners daughter ;love the gregorys 9-28-2007 thanks.and god bless

Edna Wyant

I was lucky to be able to go to Butcher Holler several years ago an I truly enjoyed myself. Herman was very nice and he let us leave our pop up camper at his store because of the road being sooo narrow. He is just down to earth like Loretta. I went back a few years later and my parents went with us. We went down past the Butcher Holler home and saw the cabin where Loretta was born. It is still standing. It was her grandfather's cabin. I have lost count of how many times I have been to her Hurricane Mills Plantation home. They have a replica of the butcher holler home there, along with replicia of the coal mine where her daddy worked, and other points of interest. You may just see Loretta herself!!! There is no better experience than visiting Butcher Holler Kentucky!!!!!!!

Darcy (Webb) Van Dyke

As a Big City, moved-away Kentuckian and distant cousin of the Butcher Holler Webb's, it is so wonderful to visit Herman and "home." Anyone who wants to see how Loretta lived, will see and know that coming from there and being where she is now, proves she truly is a mega-talent. No money got her where she is; just pure Loretta Webb Lynn talent!! A must-see!!

Andi Sinclair

Cat, I loved reading your story. You sure have found you niche'. I think grandma would love to go there. Maybe we could plan a trip next time we come to visit you. Wonderful!


Thank you for the wonderful story someday I hope to visit


Thank you for the wonderful story someday I hope to visit


Great story, I would have loved too be with!
If anyone would want information on Buthcer Holler or Paintsville Kentucky you may call
1-800-542-5790 or

Also if you have not yet visited Loretta at her Ranch in Hurricane Mills Tennesse, you are missing out.


i've jusdt recently visited Dolly Parton's home in Locust Ridge, TN. Like Loretta, Dolly grew up in the mountains and was very poor and lived in a small three room house. Imagine having tweleve kids and living in a three room house. I would LOVE to see Loretta's childhood home! Thanks for the wonderful story and memorabilia! Love Ya!


After finishing at a business meeting in Paintsville, my husband, daughter and I decided to find Butchers Hollow. We drove forever to get there but it was completely worth it. We received a tour by Herman's daughter, and visited for more than an hour, outside with Herman. Both father and daughter where delightful, gracious people. Both allowed me to take photos of them with my husband and daughter. Herman delighted us with stories of his childhood there in the holler and we met missy and amanda the dogs (unfortunately, their mom died). Herman forever endeared himself in our hearts when he proudly showed us his new, used truck. Both father and daughter were down to earth, humble people. I would go back in a moment. I can't remember when I had a more delightful afternoon.


I know a lot about Loretta Lynn and have seen her in concert several times and met her once; but tho I own an art print of her home and live in KY, I have never visited her homeplace - until today! I really enjoyed the story of your trip and you made me not only feel as if I had been there, but made me wish I was there on that front porch talking to Herman.


Monika Utrecht

I just finished watching her movie. What a great person she seems like. I would love to visit her home one day. I am sorry to hear that she had such a horrible life. I am glad to hear that Herman is still living a simple life...Remember that to always Take life Slow and LIve in the Moment...love Monika Washington DC

Troy Proffitt

that was a great story in reading.could see the story unfold with each sentence. plan on going soon, going to take a motorcycle ride. was not wanting to hear dirt roads.lol.

joan kathleen kerns (harper) wheelersburg ohio

thanks for the info i hope to travel down to van lear last of june i sure hope i meet herman i would love to go inside and see where Loretta gew up i have been a fan since i was old enough to talk


Lovely story, well told, thanks for sharing

Amy Thacker

I went there just today and took a picture with her brother Herman
he is a very sweet I took many pictures of her home I can not imagine all of those kids liveing there I could stay in that house for days I loved it


id love to go there. can some1 please email me at jacklynking22@yahoo.com and let me know the days and time you can go and how much it is. also the directions. thank u so much! :)

Joanna Brown

Oh my, how tears filled my eyes, reading this and finding this has filled my heart with joy. I am 37 years old and I love Loretta Lynn, like her I have grew up poor. I love live life to the fullest. I plan to go visit her place too, i also would love for someone to email me the times that we are allowed in and directions, I am located in here Pineville Ky, a little county called Bell Co. I have admired her since I was old enough to hear music, like her my daddy was a coal miner and died in a car crash at the age of 24, but anyways, please contact me with times and dates and directions at joanna_33_brown@hotmail.com

thank you so much!

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