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Loved it.


warm and lovely reflections...

tee hee, i love the returning clothes to the store story... and you were 47.

my mom had that same arm/seatbelt reflex as your aunt! :)


When my aunt died in New York I thought of returning all the unused clothes with tags still in them that were strewn about her apartment - everything from Ann Taylor, up the street - so if she bought them, they would have added up to a lot - but there were no receipts and I was afraid that maybe she'd stolen them all, so we gave them away. I like your aunt's way much better.


I don't have an aunt Norma, but I want one. All my remaining aunts are still in Florida and do things like flash their breasts at passing truck drivers to see if they'll honk. When my mom dies, I'm going to be on my own.

Joscelyn has a pretty terrific aunt, though, and that's what matters now.

Crystal Figiel

Yep. I sure do have an Aunt Norma, and I had an Aunt Jean too. I have many wonderful memories of them and as I remember, Aunt Jean was out of the car and halfway thru any yard sale before the car was parked. You had to be fast to beat her to the deals. I was lucky though because I wore the same size shoe as she did and everyone else had big feet. Hee hee. I will always have my wonderful memories...

Andi Sinclair

I guess I am lucky! I have the greatest grandma Norma ever! And best aunt Jean. Them two together were trouble!:) Always a funny story and a tall tail. A wonderful time.

Tom Bailey

I enjoy your writing. What I have read has a frenetic quality that I get when I drink expresso by the gallon. I find myself writing like that but not as good. I just thought it was ADD or ADHD. I'm sorry but I love it. It transmits impatience and, by golly, we could all use some more of that. It suggests a sense of urgency. Kinda reminds me of my daddy when he worked men. He'd say, "If you only got one speed and you're working it now, you ain't doing me or you any good." You would make him proud. Very Nice!

Barbara Whittington

Love this post. Everyone should have an Aunt Norma. Isn't family wonderful. I love the idea of being frugal and taking the things back. I have an older sister who shops a lot and has gobs of clothes with the tags still on them.
I shop for what I need. AND I love thrift stores and garage and yard sales.
Blessings to you. Keep writing these beautiful posts. Barb

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