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    Appalachian Sites is a webring dedicated to helping folks interested in Appalachia find websites that provide information about the Appalachian culture and the region.

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    Member Guidelines

     Appalachian Sites is a webring devoted to promoting websites that deal with Appalachian issues as their primary function.  Personal blogs about life in Appalachia or sites belonging to non-profits with a mission of advocacy for Appalachians are two good examples. 

  • We will also not tolerate sites that promote hate or intolerance.
  • Absolutely no pornography of any type or other adult content. 
  • All owners of member sites must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Interested parties must have a working site before submission.
  • It is necessary for the webring master to contact site owners periodically.  You must have and maintain a valid Email address and make sure that the webring master's Emails can make it through your spam filters.  The webring master will never give out your Email or use it for any business other than contacting you about Appalachian Sites and related Appalachian issues.
  • You must keep the webring on the web site for which you submitted your application to Appalachian Sites.  You must also keep a link pointed to the Appalachian Sites homepage or

The owner of the Appalachian Sites webring will make an effort to remove all offensive sites, but is not responsible for the content of any site in the webring.