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Thanks, Tod, for posting the airing dates. I can surely catch one, but hopefully two of the times. Bears watching, dudn't it? :)

anne johnson

Oh, thanks so much for the tip! I'm gonna either watch or tape it. Then, yes, I'll probably have some blather to say about it.


I saw it. It was definately pro-hillbilly, In fact, I got the sense that at the end of the program Billy Ray Cirus was justifying the characteristics of that Notherners have come to dislike about hillbillys in the first place. I have always disliked hillbillies. They are the most ignorant, racially insensitive people in the U.S. and thats a FACT not an opinion. I have dealt with it personally in North Carolina. Dont tell me I should accept the fact that they dont want to join the 21st century. There are REASONS why hillbillys have made themselves outcasts. We are supposed to justify that now??? By the way, I am a white male in case you were wondering.

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