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anne johnson

I finally got round to watching the show, and I was very surprised about those laws against snake handling. That seems to me to be a violation of the First Amendment. Crazy as it sounds, people should have the right to handle poisonous snakes as part of their religious rituals, especially if they can quote their scriptures to back it up. There are sects in this country that use Peyote and other hallucinogens that are not terribly safe either.

I liked the talking heads, especially the one from my alma mater. Asked myself: "Where was this guy when I was in college?" And the answer probably is, playing Little League.

They could have talked to Rodger Cunningham.

Also the faux pas about redneck was pretty silly.

Rodger Cunningham

Thanks, Anne. By the way, was it Cecil Sharp or who that said that Appalachia wasn't an examle of arrested development, but of arrested degeneration?

Rodger Cunningham

PS I think that's supposed to add up to a compliment. :-)

Dave Tabler

I also found myself wondering why so much was left out: Where's the mention of Bristol TN in that last 3 minute section about country music? In the segment about NASCAR, I heard nothing said about North Carolina's North Wilkesboro Speedway, opened in 1947, which was the first NASCAR track.

For all their positive efforts, History Channel is still television, and television, to reach the broadest audience and thereby keep advertisers happy, has to paint a with broad strokes.

Nonetheless I'm glad they put this show out there.


I think Tod's description/commentary about the History Channel's Hillbilly program is about as complete as one could do it. Well done. I, too, caught the incorrect info on the redneck genesis. But I suppose it depends on the history you're getting your info from. I liked the show, did think it explained things well, but I also think there were a number of things left out. Toward the end, it felt a bit as if it'd lost the focus. Overall, probably the best I've seen yet on the subject. So far.

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