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anne johnson

I don't know where the term "cracker" comes from, only that I don't think it applies to hillbillies, but rather to white folks in the deep south. I've only used it once in my life to insult someone, and they earned it big time.

Dave Tabler

I'd have to agree with Anne. I have friends in south Florida, and they use the term 'cracker' one of two ways: 1) either when they're insulting folks from Georgia; or 2) as a proud self-reference to the cowboy culture found in Florida's interior.


Well, as someone who's been referred to as poor white trash, I decided I should probably dance the poor white trash jig that Rosanne and Dan did on her show when they won the lottery. Can you see me dancing? Hey, someone of "respected" stature calling me that ought to have a clue if I am one or not, right? All she did was read my memoir and I reckon my folks 'stories let her in on our dirty little secret. She went on to wonder, "How on earth she [meaning me] could love those people is beyond me." But hey, I do love my mom, sweet, powerful, passionate, beautiful and loving woman that she was. And even my dad--brilliant and talented and a raging drunk some of the time. Even my grandparents--well, I'll not go on. How could I love these trashy people? Beats me. She recommended that I never mention them again, that I move on and get myself away from them (with 3 higher degrees, I reckon I can find something useful to do). But I suppose that's easier now that they're all dead, these shining people who somehow managed to teach me love, understanding, generosity, faith and hope. I miss those old trashy people. With all my heart.


Love me some SCOTS.

Sam Brubaker

I grew up in Clarksburg in the 50's and had never heard the term "hoopies" until I went to Fairmont State. My roommate, who was from Wheeling, made a comment about someone from "down hoopie". She said that meant they lived below her area, Wheeling. My mother's favorite words were "pert near". I am proud to be a West Virginian.

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