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Hmm, knew one on me. Never heard it used that way in my neck of the woods (WV, western side to middle). Only in reference to Irish or Scottish accents. Interesting use. Thanks for that.

Judy(the Other)

My maternal relatives all used the term. My mother still uses it to this day.And I've probably sed it myself-at least in family conversation.
I'm also familiar with brogan for shoes; they all used that term too.
BTW, I just returned from the area, after a short visit. Had great weather, visited all the dead relatives-who are still dead-as well as the living ones. Super WalMart is the talk of the town!

anne johnson

Never heard it used except in relation to Scottish accent. But I do wish I could listen to your grandpa talk for an afternoon, it would do my heart good.

Thanks for the stickers. I'm still driving the totalled car, waiting for the right replacement. I thought I'd have that 1994 Ford for at least another 3 years, it's hard to part with her.

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