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jason sells

jescofest 2006 was a success thanks to the great bands and staff who worked so hard for this pro-bono event!
we are currently in tlaks with some really big talent for jescofest 2007, we hope to have it near jesco's 51st birthday(july 30th) somewhere in southern west virginia!

stay tuned to www.jescofest.com for further info !!!

god bless you for supporting the cause!
~jason sells

Missy Bennett

I am a big fan of Jesco and would LOVE to see another Jescofest come around. Too bad Hasil couldn't be there.


Let me know about upcoming events. My whole fuckin family will be there!

Jason Baldwin

Are yall having a JESCO FEST in 2008 ??? email me with the details


Any info on the fest for 2008? Please let me know by email. Thanks

Randy Craft

Big Jesco Fan. I'm a singer/songwriter and play festivals in Nashville quite frequent.I'm the originator of "Redneckbilly Music".Is there going to be a JescoFest in 2008? Would love to do a few songs there. Randy Craft

Senaca Sexton

My uncle is thomas maupin and i would love to get in touch with you. next jescofest there i is will be there. plese let me know. YOU amd hank111 are keepin southern life alive. May the south rise again. And ELVIS lives.

Jason Chapman

i would like to know if i can buy a couple more copies of the limeted edition dancing outlaw movie? I have showed all of my friends and they cannot wait for jesco to come back to hinton I need to know when he will be back.


is there going to be a jescofest 2008? my husband and i would love to come up with some of our friends and get to meet jesco!!


i heard jesco fest 2008 was august 26-27 but is that true? i really hope you're having it this year. please email me and let me know!


Please, tell me there is a jescofest 2008. E-mail me with info.


If there is going to be a JescoFest 08, then someone needs to start planning soon. I'd drive in from Charleston, SC if I knew about one. I just watched both documentaries again this week. I'd be willing to support an event that helps the Dancing Outlaw stay on his feet.

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corey lawrence

yes i was wondering if jesco fest is going every year because i have to be at the next one jesco white is my charles manson


Is there a jescofest in 2011?


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