Paragraphs of Praise and Encouragement
For the People of Appalachia

The oldest river in the Western Hemisphere runs through the middle of it. The oldest mountains in the country are it’s backbone. It is a four hour or less drive away from two thirds of the population. The average person in the United States knows less about it than the moon. It is the birthplace of both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. It’s sons and daughters have always made up a larger part of the military than their percentage of the population. It’s people are friendly, caring and giving. They seldom are in a rush, but will stop and chew the fat. They know their neighbors and watch each others houses. It is a place of terrible beauty with trees and streams, mountains and hills of unparalleled charm. It’s people are poor in cash but rich in family and community. It is little known and even less understood by most people. I wouldn’t live anywhere else but Appalachia.


I moved away from Appalachia when I was 18 in search of a job. I have regretted it every day since. I go home to the mountains whenever I can, even though almost all of my family has now passed away. Nowhere will ever feel like home to me except Appalachia, no matter how long I live. That's how devoted I am to the oldest mountains in the Western Hemisphere.

-Anne Johnson

I was born and raised in the place that began what would later be known as the "Northwest Territory".� The Appalachian city called Marietta, Ohio rests where the Muskingum flows into the Ohio River in place commonly refered to as the Mid-Ohio Valley.� It is home to a some very interesting indian mounds as well as a few sites which mark the old underground railroad.� It is also home to some of the kindest and greatest people in the world.� We all share a common bond with the great state of West Virginia, where my grandfather's family once owned a farm and where I live today.� I was born in the Mid-Ohio Valley and I will die here too.� This is my home and these are my people.

-Chad M. Edwards

A kind word costs nothing but it can do so much to lift the spirits of  the people of this unique American region.

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